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Aleppo hotel Yasmeen d'Alep House is a breathtaking beautiful restored 17th century Arabic house situated in the heart of the old town of Aleppo -Jdaydeh area.

Yasmeen d'Alep House is located within walking distance from the famous Aleppo citadel, the cavern narrowed bazaars,the Omayyad mosque, the national museum and the cathedrals and is one of the most beautiful hotels in Aleppo.

Yasmeen d'Alep has been converted into a charming five star boutique hotel. There are just 8 rooms and suites at Yasmeen d'Alep, ensuring high level of comfort together with personal and friendly service. Each room has a unique design drawing from the rich artistic tradition of Syria, creating a feeling of elegancy and luxury without sacrificing comfort making this chic hotel a real bijou. To distress and relax there is no better way than to visit our traditional Turkish steam bath (Hammam) and have a deeply relaxing massage or body scrub upon request.

Aleppo (Halab) is the second largest city in Syria; it is the world oldest inhabited city, a text from the ancient kingdom of Mari on the Euphrates indicates that Aleppo was already the center of a powerful state dating back to the 18th century BC. The Jdaydeh square is the most charming area of Aleppo, it dates back to the late Mamluk and the early Ottoman period.

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